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Brighton & Southern Midlands Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed 1979

Formal uniform: Red jumper with fawn armbands, fawn shirt & jodhpurs, brown tie
Saddle Cloth: Red with white binding and emblem
Cap Cover: Red
Active Top: Red with white collar and buttons and emblem

Brighton Adult Supporters  (Visit Club web site)

D'Entrecasteaux Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed August, 1995

Formal uniform: Maroon jumper with 5cm mid-blue armbands, white shirt, mid-blue tie
Saddle Cloth: Maroon with mid-blue binding
Cap Cover:
Active Top: Maroon polo top

Derwent Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed March, 1995

Formal uniform: Royal blue jumper with emerald green armbands, white shirt, tie jade green.
Saddle Cloth: Blue with green binding
Cap Cover: none
Active Top: none

Hobart & District Pony Club Inc (Visit Club web site)
Foundation Member

Formal uniform: Dark green jumper, white shirt, dark green tie
Saddle Cloth: Dark green, logo on both sides
Cap Cover: Green and white sixths, green peak
Active Top: Green, navy & white 10cm stripes

Huntingfield Pony and Riding Club Inc (Visit Club web site)
Foundation Member

Formal uniform: Saxe blue jumper, white shirt, saxe blue tie
Saddle cloth: Saxe blue with white binding
Cap Cover: Saxe blue and white quartered cap, blue peak
Active Top: Saxe blue with navy and white bands and white collar

Huon District Pony and Riding Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed December, 1965

Formal uniform: Brown jumper, lemon shirt, brown tie
Saddle Cloth: Gold
Cap Cover: Gold and brown quarters, brown peak
Active Top: Gold/brown quarters, white collar, a gold & a brown sleeve, cuffs opposite

Monmouth Pony and Riding Club Inc. (Visit Club web site)
Formed September 1973

Formal uniform: Fawn jumper, white shirt, navy tie
Saddle Cloth: Fawn with chocolate brown binding & logo
Cap Cover:
Active Top: Navy with chocolate brown, white & navy bands on body and sleeves.
Polo Shirt: Navy with white binding

Beige jodphurs and Black or Brown boots.