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Overview - PCA NCAS Preliminary Coaching Accreditation




      Coaching Outcomes

1. Role of the Coach

1.     Undertake the varied roles of a Pony Club coach

2.     Work effectively with parents, officials and administrators

3.     Develop and implement a personal coaching philosophy

4.     Outline the coach’s ethical responsibilities

2. Planning and Reviewing

1.     Plan a series of lessons for D/D* level riders

2.     Review effectiveness of plans

3. Risk Management

1.     Apply the principles of risk management to minimise injuries to  people  and horses

2.     Outline the legal responsibilities of the coach

3.     Implement minor incident management procedures

4. The Coach in Action

1.     Demonstrate effective group organisation

2.     Ensure the safety of riders and horses during the session.

3.     Manage group behaviour

4.     Conduct coaching sessions to teach basic skills

5.     Demonstrate effective communication strategies

5. Rider Development

1.     Plan and implement activities and lessons that consider the physical, social and emotional development of riders

2.     Cater for the individual differences of riders.

6. Horse Care

1.     Teach riders the D and D* horse care skills as outlined in the PCA Syllabus of Instruction.

2.     Provide advice to riders and their parents with regard to horse selection and care in accordance with PCA Syllabus of Instruction.

7. Riding Flatwork

1.     Teach riders the D and D* riding skills as outlined in the PCA Syllabus of Instruction.

2.     Teach rider exercises, agility, school figures and the use of the arena to D/D* standard. Including a Mounted Games activity.

8. Riding Jumping

1.     Teach riders to ride over trot poles and small jumps as outlined in the D and D* PCA Syllabus of Instruction