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Course Pre Requisites & Prior Learning Recognition


Enrolment Pre-requisites

Candidates must be:

*       16 years of age to commence the NCAS Preliminary Coach Accreditation but must be 18 years of age or over before they can be assessed

*       a financial member of a Pony Club, affiliated through their State Association, with Pony Club Australia Inc.

Recognition of Prior Learning

As the Pony Club qualifications are not solely course based, candidate‚Äôs prior learning can be recognised at any time. 
This can be achieved in one of two ways:

*       by providing evidence of formal coaching qualification from another equestrian organisation, or 

*       candidates with life skills, work experience or other formal training can assess the skills they have with the learning outcomes of the course and decide how much formal training they need prior to assessment


All candidates must complete the formal assessment activities as these are designed to determine the ultimate competence of the candidate in the Pony Club environment.


Equivalency recognition

A Pony Club certificate held from oversees that equates to an Australian qualification in full may be considered for equivalency recognition. Coaching Qualifications from other sources will require applicants to submit their qualification and detailed information on the course and its learning outcomes to the PCA Instructional Sub-committee for consideration.