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The New & Improved NCAS Coach Accreditation Scheme


National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)

The NCAS is an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). It is a progressive coach education program offering courses at various levels. Coaches who are accredited through the NCAS are recognized by national and state sporting organizations and the ASC. Currently over 70 sports participate

PCA NCAS Pony Club Accreditation

The new course structure and delivery methods make the system very attractive in the Pony Club environment. Adoption of policies relating to flexible delivery, competency based assessment and mentoring will allow the courses to be delivered in a variety of ways. Prospective coaches from the absolute beginner to the more experienced can work through the course at their own pace depending on their level of experience and access to assistance.

Flexible course delivery

This policy recognises that coaches can be assessed in a number of ways which will enable people in remote areas or those with time constraints to have access to accreditation.

Competency Based Assessment

This policy recognizes that people gain knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, by formal training or life and work experience. The Candidate must provide evidence that they have the skills and knowledge for the competencies they are claiming. They would then demonstrate the required skills in front of an appointed, recognized assessor. 

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

This was formerly called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and is an understanding that people gain skills and knowledge in many ways. In a formal course setting a candidate may feel that they can already perform some of the learning outcomes to the required standard. RCC allows them to identify the skills required and assess themselves against the learning outcomes at their leisure prior to the final assessment.  

Some of the areas that can be recognized are;

*       Recent completion of another training scheme (recent usually means within the previous 4 years). These schemes could include any thing from PCA Efficiency Certificates to other recognized coaching courses.

*       On the job learning in the equestrian industry – life experiences

*       The individual learning at their own pace using educational material

PCA NCAS Accreditions offered by Pony Club

PCA currently has two courses accredited under the NCAS which are sequential in nature

*    Preliminary - this is the entry level to the PCA NCAS System set at D/D*

*       Level 1 - The pre requisite for this level is PCA NCAS Preliminary Accreditation (Mounted Games Specialist)