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The NEW Pony Club Australia National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Coaching System;


The new PCA NCAS Preliminary Coaching Course will allow any qualifications or training already undertaken during your time with Pony Club to be endorsed with a nationally recognized NCAS Pony Club coaching qualification. These qualifications and training will include, but are not limited to, PCAT Instructor and Efficiency Certificates and OTC Courses.


The new course material is competency based and allows for flexible delivery.


The Course

The Course is based on the PCA Syllabus of Instruction and is divided into three sections;

1.                   Coaching – includes Safety, Role of the Coach, Planning and Inclusive Coaching

2.                  Horse Care – covers all the topics in the D/D* Efficiency Certificate Syllabus

3.                  Riding – contains the criteria for coaching the ridden requirements of the D/D*



To Begin

Work through the course material in your own time and at your own pace.

Ø  Tick off any competencies you already have from previous qualifications/experience.

Ø  Decide which method you will use to achieve the other competencies you need

Ø  Undertake further study as required and complete the Workbook & Coaching Practice Log



Can take place;

  • Within the Club environment using other club members/coaches or people in the local area as mentors - A mentor is a person with more knowledge than the candidate in the area where help is needed.
  • At home using course material, reference books, DVDs etc
  • Attending club/zone/state training courses


Final Assessment

The final Assessment will take place with a PCAT appointed State Level Assessor who will watch you coaching in the field. There is no endpoint to this process, PCAT will provide support and assessment opportunities until competency has been reached in all areas.