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Wizards Race - Clarification on Cones to be used.

Judith Pitt, Sunday, 31 March 2013


Wizard Race Cones

the cones on the 1/4 lines and the change over line are both 700mm -  5 flag cones will be used for these.

The rules dont actually specify what cones 2 and 3 are but since we have a ball sitting on cone 2 on the middle line we will use a 450mm cone here the same as used in the ball and cone race.


Cone 3 on the 3/4 line has a sword sitting in it so we will use a 700mm five flag race cone here.


So just to recap in order from the start line

1/4 line - 700mm five flag cone

1/2 line - 450mm ball and cone cone

3/4 line - 700mm five flag cone

change over - 700mm five flag cone