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Circular Head Pony Club(Visit Club web site)
Formed August, 1962

Formal uniform: Royal blue jumper, pale blue shirt, yellow tie, blue jodhpurs
Saddle Cloth: Royal blue with yellow binding and club emblem
Cap Cover: None
Active Top: Pale blue with yellow collar and wristbands, and dark blue club emblem

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Fernpark Pony and Riding Club (Visit Club web site)
NW & Penguin amalgamated 2001

Formal uniform: Maroon jumper with navy & sky blue in all bands, sky blue shirt, navy tie, fawn jodhs
Saddle Cloth: Maroon with navy & sky blue binding
Cap Cover: Maroon & white quarters. White crash hats have two maroon stripes.
Active Top: Maroon, navy & sky blue in various patterns

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Inglis Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed September, 1976

Formal uniform: Chocolate brown jumper with blue and yellow arm bands and club name badge on upper left front, blue shirt, brown tie, brown jodhpurs.
Saddle Cloth: Brown with yellow binding
Cap Cover: Gold & brown quarters with sky blue bow
Active Top: Brown with gold and sky blue quarters and arm bands, gold collar and cuffs

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Kentish Pony and Hack Club Inc (Visit Club web site)
Formed July, 1968

Formal uniform: Burnt orange jumper with white stripe in neck, brown jodhpurs, white shirt, dark green tie
Saddle Cloth: Burnt orange with green binding
Cap Cover: None
Active Top: Orange with green stripe down sides, collar & cuffs

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King Island Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Transferred from PCAV, 1963

Formal uniform: Royal blue jumper 2.5cm gold arm bands and gold stripe in neck and cuffs, blue shirt, gold tie
Saddle Cloth: Royal blue, gold binding
Cap Cover: White crash cap with 2 blue stripes from front to back
Active Top: Royal blue with emblem

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Leven Pony Club Inc (Visit Club web site)
Formed December, 1962

Formal uniform: Dark green jumper with 5cm yellow arm bands, yellow shirt, dark green tie
Saddle Cloth: Green with yellow binding
Cap Cover: Gold
Active Top: Green with two yellow arm bands and dark green jodhpurs

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Mersey Valley Pony Club (Visit Club web site)
Formed October, 1963

Formal uniform: Brown jumper with white stripes in bands, white shirt, brown and white tie
Saddle Cloth: Brown with white binding
Cap Cover: Brown & white quarters
Active Top: Brown with white collar, two white stripes across the chest and arms, and logo on the chest.


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