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Bonn View Roger Trophy

Sarah and Roger
Judith Pitt, Sunday, 17 July 2011













Bonn View Roger Trophy for most successful combination at all the State Championships in any One Year, presented in 2003 by the Pitt Family.



Bonn View Roger was an extremely successful horse featuring in all three of the Olympic disciplines.  Bred by Kath Kennedy and owned jointly by her and Ann Paterson, who broke him in and rode him to many successes, he passed into the hands of the Pitt family where Sarah, and then Erin, won eighteen individual PC championships on him and were placed in many more, thus helping the Tasmanian P&RC team to success on many occasions.  ‘Roger’ was the ultimate Pony club Horse.  He had no vices, was kind gentle and dependable.  His last competition was in 2000, where he won Trials at the age of 21, and was then retired to the paddock where he babysat all the young stock and taught them manners until he passed away in 2009.


Roger (together with his riders) represented Tasmania in Dressage and Eventing at the Nationals at Wagga Wagga, Roseworthy SA, and Werribee.  Roger is also a pin up star.  He is the horse featured on the the current Fly Away Spray and was the original model for Equimax Worm Paste and Show Sheen  shampoo.   He is also featured as the cover boy on the PCAT History


In the three state pony club championships he won individually in Dressage, Showjumping, Equitation and Trials which is why this trophy has been awarded.



The winner is the combination of rider and horse which gain the most points in all three disciplines regardless of grade or group.  To be eligible they must have taken part in all three championships.  In the case of equality, the winner will be the combination competing in the higher grade/group, and if still equal the higher placing at the Trials will count.




Points are awarded for each event on the following basis:-


1st 20

2nd 18,

3rd 16,

4th 14,

5th 12,

6th 10,

7th 8,

8th 6,

9th 4,

10th 2.

Everyone successfully completing the competition scores 1.


Points for the Trials (Eventing) and Dressage are factored at 1 each

Those for Jumping Equitation and Show Jumping are factored at 0.5 each, thus making 1 for the whole Jumping Championship.



Bonn View Roger Flyaway

Cover of PCAT History

Erin and Roger Cross Country - Huntingfield

Sarah and Roger

Sarah and Roger won the Prestigous Argyle Diamond Horse Trials

Erin and Roger

Trials 2000 - Winning Associate Erin Pitt and Bonn View Roger